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Awakened Warrior Series

Paintings made specifically for patriotic and spiritual warfare.

Awakened Warrior Series
Royal Flush
Oil painting of drain the swamp creatures

Royal Flush

39x27 oil painting

original sold

The REAL virus- oil paintng of media , with Fauci and Gates

The REAL virus

16x20 oil painting

original sold

Yellow Jacket-original oil painting of bees taking down the central banking system

Yellow Jacket

20x16 oil painting

Painting of woman wearing american flag

Red Headed Stepchild

48x36 oil painting

White Noise 2020 oil painting of suppression 24x48

White Noise 2020

48x24 oil painting

Bully 30x20 oil painting of a buffalo turning to charge a storm with faces of the apocalypse.


30x20 oil painting

original sold

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