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Beachcombers Oil Painting by Colleen Black


oil painting

A painting made to inspire the carefree days of discovery, and especially good at bringing sunshine into dark corners.

 A gift of sweet ocean vacation days, warm sunshine, and discovery. Every grain of sand inside one bucket could have combed the world’s beaches as rocks and minerals of all shapes and sizes for longer than any time we have walked earth's surface. Treasures found tell stories of creatures from all ages, and even an occasional man made treasure brings the intrigue of the imagination into play. 

*original sold

All paintings available for printing on shirts, hoodies, leggings, socks, dresses and more. Please contact us with your inquiry.

Disclaimer: Due to the unique display capabilities of the screen of each device this website is viewed on, there might be discrepancies between the colors you see on the screen and the actual colors of the item displayed.

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