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Cornered Oil Painting by Colleen Black
Cornered Glow in the Dark Oil Painting by Colleen Black


glow in the dark oil painting

In a world where artists struggle just to be themselves, Cornered breaks the silence with a lightening bolt of truth.

 She was trapped, naked and afraid pushed into a corner gilded with gold, a false hope that she realized was not her own- cornered but not helpless. There is a beautiful place inside the mind of an artist or creator of any kind. It is a world where the energy of everything connects and suddenly flies in to answer any and all questions. It’s where the deepest empathy toward all life offers its eyes, ears and heart spilling the vibrations of color from our souls onto canvases, sculptures and through the music and films that artists all long to produce. It is very literally where dreams become a reality. Once this place is established, cared for recognized and nurtured it is not to be interfered with. Either by the artist themselves or by outside sources. It can be as simple as a doubt or fear in the artists mind or as complex and diverse as a suggestion made by someone who has the power to control the artists income. In this very arena is where “Cornered” was born. Artists everywhere are threatened by the stifling of their own creativity when they are told what to create based on what will sell. Art driven by market. The dividends in that arena are massive - and all opportunities are open for those willing to compromise their art into the tiny neck hole of what will sell. Not only has this darkened our world of creativity, it has stifled the very nature of the creative spirit. We are told to keep secrets and hold copyrights that seemingly protect our interests… but do they? New technology has been hidden from view - not readily available for the brilliant minds among us to seek their own education and find even more brilliant connections. Is this truly the seed for advancement in any society? In the art world the public is forced to view only what is voted in by a select few. Museums only take what fits the agenda of the government grants who pay them.

Cornered… But not helpless.

Inside us all there is a shockingly strong sense of who we truly are. I painted this while my own lightning storm was brewing in this most sacred place. In the original painting a glowing bolt of electricity extending from her fingertips lets the world know that the creative spirit in this will not be contained. My in intention was and is to help us all to light up that storm. To inspire the strength and courage it takes to be nothing but ourselves. Suggestions and criticisms are a great tool, but not the source of your creative energy. The weather of the soul belongs to the artist, and in this respect we must learn control over ourselves with careful attention to who or what is controlling our art.

Trying to force our minds into a tiny box of what we think the entire public will think of us is a fast track ticket to hell. Basing art on this is that very dark cloud that follows.

However the alternative is right here at our fingertips- ready to strike a force of nature that will break all boundaries and free the hearts of the masses. I believe we are full on ready for this storm.

We may be cornered - but together, we are defiantly NOT helpless.

*original sold

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