Fairy Godmother Oil Painting by Colleen Black

Fairy Godmother


oil painting


This is a story of a REAL fairy god mother.


 Once upon a time, I needed a birthday gift and decided to stop at a place called the Fairy Store… I had been there before but had forgotten the magic.

As soon as I entered the store the months on end of feeling so low faded and this beautiful and bright eyed woman looked up from the counter, smiled and welcomed me. I felt a tingling sensation in my head… and the entire room seemed bathed in otherworldly light. Inside the mind are cogs and wheels that get dusty and cranky when not cared for properly - I felt the cobwebs stretch, crackle and then creak into full blown action… The movie in my mind was rolling whether I was ready for it or not.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt there was something magical about this place. By the end of our visit we found gifts for not only the birthday recipient but a whole new breath of fresh air.

I decided to paint what I saw - this is only a small piece of the magic. I soon learned that Shirley - she’s the owner and the fairy Godmother in the painting - had seen many miracles walk through her door. The painting was a surprise to her - but the inspiration was old hat. It turns out that disgruntled passerby’s and even people who mistook her store for something else had wondered in with no clue what they were looking for and left with more than they could have ever thought of bargaining for.

The magic that small stores like hers carry finds places in our hearts and lasts for lifetimes.

The original was gifted, however if you see yourself in this type of setting, please contact me with your inquiries.

*original gifted

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