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Blind faith


52"x 38"x 48"

Limited edition of 5

1 sold

This was the beginning of the journey of my Faith. She was my very first bronze. This story began with someone else having faith in me. I had no experience with bronze. But I did have a great friend who wanted to see me fly.

Blind faith is simple. It only takes a decision to take a step. And the first is always the hardest. Sometimes I find myself wanting to close my eyes and run after the initial burst from the comfort bubble. This is fun but not highly recommended.

With her arms open, her eyes closed, and freedom in her soul, she takes the leap of faith into the unknown. Her gut told her to do it and her heart drove the rest. Deep down there is a core existence that will tell everyone who searches what decisions are right for us. Those decisions may go against every grain, every rule and all that mankind has created…yet you will know what is right. In her hands I sculpted the scales of judgment. Only they took on the form of a snake and a dove in my head. The weight of what holds us back from our dreams inspired the serpent. (I used my own hand for that pose and thought I would never recover.) It stretches out to bite her back if ever she would decide to hesitate in her walk. Fear of any form is the opposite of love and serves as a catalyst in more than we give it credit for.

The other scale is love. A peaceful dove pulling the weight of judgment away from her and leading her into the beautiful light of purity of mind, body and soul. The truth lies here, creativity thrives there, and love lives its every definition.

I sculpted her braids to represent the thoughts in her mind that consistently test humanity and place boundaries on us through the measures of time. They turn to the chains that bind her… it usually is nothing but our own heads that hold us back. What will happen next is not here yet and what has happened is gone. She exists in the present with no concept of time, so the braid that has chained her to this age of judgment is breaking. There is nothing to catch her step in this act of faith…. there is only an openness, left purposely to the imagination of the viewer.

Please click the link below to inquire about a limited-edition bronze.

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