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Brand New Horizon

Storms make room for beautiful new horizon. This painting is about the bravery, heroism and strength it takes to not only make it through, but to envision the new.

Storms of change have been drowning out the corners of my mind for as long as I can possibly remember. To actually watch dreams become reality and see the corners wash up on the shores, broken to pieces that will never again be the same is both frightening and beautiful. Like anyone that is crazy enough to enjoy watching a good storm, there is a strange energy that excites the mind into some depth of destruction to allow for something completely new to come through. Fear suddenly loses all focus and grants freedom from death, bowing in reverence to the shear cry of survival. The craziness of miracles hits its threshold here, and nothing can stop the sailors from making it through the storm that has shifted to carry the lost ship to a Brand New Horizon.

I painted this as a warning. The storms of change ARE upon us. Standing to face them with all of our heart intact, with bravery, with honor, with respect of ALL of our fellow sailors on this ship we call our home is not something to hide from. It IS time. Time to face ourselves, time to let the truth run free, and time to become a part of this new Horizon that we are continually creating.

As I write this, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are on the rise. Forest fires and politicians are sucking up all the fresh air, and other imminent warnings pierce through our views. As we stand to face these storms, remembering the heroes within will be our saving grace.

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