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Updated: Nov 29, 2022


oil painting

The birth of a new universe is within.

What is Eggsistence? For that matter what is existence -

Why are we here?

Well - You'll have to ask yourself that one, because I believe that the answer is unique for every one of us.

The painting however is something I can explain. It's been a while since I painted her, and perspectives have changed.

So very much.

Looking at work of the past can open new portals. Its why original art is so impactful. There's energy in there. Energy of the past, present and future, of reactions to the work itself, energy of the artist's philosophy and general observations inside their own lives and decisions.

Art is a living - breathing piece of its creator hanging in your personal space - and it has an effect on you.

I've not only felt this energy all my life - I see it. It looks like a wavelength of color that vibrates and moves and is as different and unique as we are. Eggsistence is the bearer of that fire.

She is giving birth to life while facing death.

When I painted her, I was pregnant with my first daughter while her grandmother was fighting cancer.

She was the most beautiful bald person I had ever seen. Her strength and humor conquered cancer, and although it isn't a portrait of her - it carries the awe I felt to observe such a beautiful soul in their fight for existence.

There's so much more in there that I've never seen. Faces in the dark that mean so much more to me now. Ones faced in this journey that I would have had no clue about at the time of the painting. The importance of holding on to our dreams with all we have - protecting the light while reaching outside of our own shell. Eggsistence is the essence inside of life that faces fears head on.

We have been through so much hell. Everyone has a story that seems to stop my heart, nowadays.

I see her inside so many of us. It doesn't matter what the fear is. What shines through ALL of it is the courage and strength it takes to hold onto our own inner sunshine. The very essence of existence itself - Creation. The dreams, ideas, creativity, love - and the endless ball of energy that paints your life into or out of your own shell.

Inside everyone there is the birth of a new universe - an essence of your very own that is supremely unique. You hold everything it takes in every moment.

Life is full of Eggsistence - Don't let it fry you. If you've made it this far ... you are about to hatch.

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