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"Imagine a world like THAT"

Last night I had a dream- I can’t remember a lot of it but the concept is stuck there like glue. It was a world where the transparency of others was in full view. We could see the surrounding auras, and could communicate freely with our thoughts. Big beautiful rainbows surrounding each person would indicate to each and every one of us where the thought pattern of each individual was at for the time and space that the person was in. No one was afraid of being seen either. We somehow worked past the fears of being seen by others in a less than refreshing light. There was no judgement of the colors- they just were. Judgment was one of those thoughts that produced little black puffs. They looked like smoke from candles when the wick takes flight… a small, very black wisp floated out of the area of the body that it originated and hovered around the persons aura. Although not immediately detectable… it still was like a loud fart. Everyone knew that the person was in fear based mental capacity and attention was on them immediately. If the “fart” wasn’t suddenly dissipated by the genuine influx of love, then more attention to the core thought was given. No such thing as homelessness existed here. There were no more politicians or debt. Movie stars were not worshipped like idols but viewed more like empaths reflecting a greater cause and respected as artists. Small communities took care of each other, growing their own crops, and redistributing locally. Mass trade deals and the fraud surrounding it wasn’t in existence because of the transparency. People still did bad things, but it was open and lovingly taken into account by each respecting community. If a theft happened- which was extremely rare, it was looked at as a cry for help, for example. People were humble, very free and loved life… the more they did, the brighter the colors. The Earth around them seemed to suck up the energy and absorb it like a sponge, giving plants the ability to grow at exponential rates. It was almost as if every human had the ability to reach a capacity to be like the sun. Nutrients would nourish every element in these surrounding auras, making the earth, air, and water glow with what seemed to be excitement for the very element itself.

There were other beings there too- fairy folk, and creatures like sasquatch were normal visitors popping in and out of the reality as if they had been there all along. In the dream they were accepted like family members of a beautiful place that we all enjoyed taking great care of.

I can’t recall much in the line of computers existing at all there. Maybe people used them and I just didn't see it, but the way information transferred at the very thought of sending it was so fast, so clear and so much more than any screen has the capability of doing. It was more like a world that didn’t really need the extensions of artificial intelligence. Real intelligence was so much faster and much more reliable.

As I woke from the dream, I can barely remember but the people there were waving goodbye to me. As if I was going on a vacation back to here… back to 2020, and the lies and this Covid mess. Filled with putrid black fart puffs surrounding the auras of so many. They threw me some colors for my palette, wishing me all the love they could. They told me to paint and sculpt- to bring the rest of humanity back there. They missed them.

“Imagine a world like that” echoed in my mind- the rest of that popular song at this moment is about someone’s relationship. I’ll personally be Al Yanchovicking it to pieces in my own heartfelt version of what I saw in this magical place that I believe exists in a reality not so far from the hearts of many.

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