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Life Flight


oil painting

The calm before the storm

Life Flight is a painting of life cycles, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It's the predator and its prey, the escape and the moment we realize we have wings to fly away with. I've always believed that even the worst thing that happened to us has a flip side that we won't see unless we are ready to look for it. It is usually more beautiful than ever imaginable and is most always earned by the heroism it takes to put others before ourselves as well as the strength it takes to appreciate everything you were lucky enough to experience. Every individual has a story and each one will have its place and are evolving life of the human Spirit we all have so much more to learn. We will have more storms that want to sneak up behind us and take away our very own happiness. Our true colors are with strength we have to make it through. There are our own very own wings that some may not even know we have and when we least expect it, there they are those heroes in our lives surprise us and take themselves far from Comfort of their safety zone only to help us make it through the perils (the man in the water is a mermaid leaping from his bubble his personal space to one innocent of the oncoming storm) hey whisper from the wise should be listen to like the old woman in the Miss whispering in her ear. Just remember no matter who are storm and perilous for us maybe, we have these wings that are our own strength and courage that made from the rainbow that reflects from the soul like the light through the prism of the material world we are all one and are never alone, strength may not happen overnight but after the clouds pass, just notice the rainbow can be just the light we need.

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