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Welcome to "Clever Colleen" a new phase of artistic development...

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Welcome to this blog. I am very new to blogging, so hold on to your seat because this is bound to be a fun ride.

I'd like to start this rendezvous by explaining the naming of the blog. I never really considered myself clever. A co-worker coined me this name after I picked a lock to get into work. It was my first job in the art industry as a clerk in an art store.

Although it was not the first time creative thinking served me well, it was certainly a marked moment in time that made my wheels turn and drove me into a lifestyle that is beyond reason to this day.

I believe that creative thinking is as important as breath itself. In a day and age when our force fed media is trying to drown out the sounds of our our own music, and the tiny "smart" boxes we carry around tell us where, how, when, and what to do next, creative innovation and the true connection- the human connection are all but lost in this move to the technological era.

For this very reason- I have a plan to create content both in blogging and vlogging, to inspire the creative clever side of all of us.

I spent a long time in exile trying to figure out how I could be a part of a solution to this loss of vitality that I have seen slowly declining over a lifetime- I stepped back from a life of galleries and shows around the world. I didn't want to be famous anymore. I had seen too much of what it did to people and I could feel it happening to myself. I did weird things like ban myself from music... it was making me feel too much. I started drowning myself in the politics of the world, and worrying over world disasters that may or may not ever happen.

This kind of drowning out the world will never result in a solution. The only thing that will resound the creative gong within our souls, is taking the hammer and slamming it down on the disc.

In other words- it's time to do something. And I am definitely turning the music back UP. ;-)

I am so very excited to get this ball rolling, Thank you for your support in any way you may choose. My biggest wish is to inspire.

Some things to look forward to that I will be announcing both here on my website and in various social media platforms will be:

"Clever Colleen" Videos- tutorial, interactive art tips involving taking challenges from the audience to create new and innovative designs out of wild and crazy mediums that may be outside of the "norm".

"Clever Colleen" blogs- Read random thoughts and doings to help yourself stay creative... like this little fact.. I ran with GOATS today!! I was helping to feed some while my neighbors were away, so I decided to scream 'RUN' and then I ran.... highly recommended activity to laugh until you fall down.

Random special events- highlighting art sales to promote and idea to build a creative retreat for artists of ALL kinds to get together and explode... in a GOOD way.

This is just a little to taste to get your blood boiling. I hope that you are as excited as I am for every tomorrow there ever was and will be. I'll be making it happen.

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