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Never never land is never lost

For one thing the "nevers" cancel each other out, so it could very well be called forever land or the land of never ending possibilities. At least that is the way it always sat in my mind ever since first hearing the utterance of the phrase. The mind is filled with untapped corridors from past recollections of dreams that meld into realities and fill our creative center with a world anyone and everyone can vacation to. I go there often, and today was no no different.

Only on this day, there was a plane circling above the land....

A million scenarios can race through the brain. "Maybe they are surveying the land, what if it's the government... uh oh, I was playing with plasma last night..."( the last one makes me laugh-) Being an adult in the land of forever is especially excruciating. Sifting through the many sands of time and clearing the dust of learned rumors can often yield no answers. If you want to take your time to enjoy the other side of reality, no such interface may apply.

In the land we are all used to- typical reality- there is simply a plane circling above.

Without a creative entry, this might classify as a "so what"... but add a sense of adventure and a little friendly fun, and KAPOW! Your very own mind can magically transform a once mundane thought/moment into an exhilating inspirational adventure....

Suddenly, the road sinks into rivers and the cars passing by become giant river whales singing humming songs as they wizz along their routine of a day. Me , My cousn Ellis, and Martin were on a desolate island and the plane became some friendly explorers who'd never seen middle earth. As the dazed pilots searched for the way back to the surface, they spotted our island. Fascinated by the dronish buzz of the mindless whales, they realized the whales carried passengers, searching the river for a way out of the land of the mundane.

Then in the real world, Martin came up with a plan- Jumping at the chance to make an adventure, I grabbed the towels and headed for the roof.

The plane probably continued to circle another 5-6 times after Martin and I put a giant HI on there. :) On our private island far from the surface dwellings, we had been contacted by the outsiders and were talking to another civilization. Although the river whales paid no mind, they never really slow down to notice anything... the animals on the island knew that today was a very special day.

Childhood dreams are never lost, smile inside the adventure you create within, then bring it here to open hearts to possibilities.

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Nov 08, 2019

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