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Red Chameleon


oil painting

Recommended in a breakfast table setting, With Patsi Cline's version of "These Boots..." to inspire the lengths of courage it takes to stand up for oneself with truth and fire.

A chameleon changes to mix and blend with the circumstances it finds itself in to best survive in each given moment. So do we. Emotions flow wildly around our environment creating the changes we actually see. There are clothes that we put on under our clothes. Emotions not only create color but vibrate to wavelengths that we can learn to understand. All of life wears a coat of many colors. The reds and oranges in the fiery thoughts of this chameleons mind slip into the black boots, suggesting she is about to do some walking. All colors mix to black. Pulling up the bootstraps of deep understanding, her fire is about to break out a can of whoop some understanding straight into the grounds her boots were made for walking upon.

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