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Splicing the algorithm of life

I woke up in the middle of a dream. Someone was showing me how to splice an algorithm like DNA to produce a brand new thought pattern. I have never taken a single computer code class, yet could completely understand what I was shown. They showed me the act of creation in equation form and how the very act of creating anything changes even the finest string, which in relation to all of life may seem minute... but it's NOT.

I think they came because they needed to reassure me that the work I was doing is not being done in vein. Which I am still having trouble not tearing up over. These were the sweetest kindest and fun beings. They talked in telepathy, so although expressions may have seemed null and void to anyone not in on the conversion, they were fully animated. The colors were like I was living inside an alabaster shell, only they moved and flowed with every emotion emitted throughout the conversation. I was watching numbers and signs being written but there was no pen or act of writing. The beings were smiling with me but to look at them one might not "see" the smile... it was more of a feeling. Even as I am typing now, I can remember the entirety of the lesson as if I am reciting the very words they spoke. But there was no speaking and no words. It's like as I type codes come out and colors mix like strands of fine silk. These words are riddled into the matrix and they upset the original codes, creating a brand new path.

What they wanted me to know was just how special it is for each and every one of us to spend time CREATING. NOT reciting, or learning what was already done but by splicing each moment, and adding a new code here and there to make life interesting , exciting and new. All of the sudden everything made sense, from the daily routine to the spontaneous ejection out of that routine. Routine is to learn the language- creativity is making poetry out of it. Both are essential to the matrix of reality, but one controls existence while the other makes it.

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