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The Billionaire club wants to own your air

I woke up with so many questions today. I don’t know if anyone reads these things, but it helps me to write. It helps me think. It’s like a duller end of painting I guess. I miss my studio. We live in a beautiful rented condominium that I am afraid to get the least bit messy and I long for freedom. It’s really not even a lot to ask for, and I don’t quite understand why living this gypsy lifestyle has been a lifelong burden. I want a studio…. A permanent home where I can go to create amazing things. But has the world around me lost itself inside a matrix of copy machines spitting out chewed up oatmeal and calling it art?

I remember the days when “American made” was said with such pride. We made things, HAND crafted items- not things that fell apart within weeks of purchase, but beautiful pieces of “art”. Whether it was a hand woven basket for a bicycle or a hand carved cabinet, it all had American pride and was built to last. There are a few of us left. Those that have this honor built within themselves to do things right, every time. No matter what someone pays, we will not back down on quality. It’s a deeper side of caring for those around us and a full blown respect of those that choose to purchase our hard earned work. I feel almost stubborn about it because of the lack of it in the world around me. People everywhere are settling for nothing. They buy copies upon copies, supporting slave labor in countries owned by dictators. No one even speaks up that fat billionaires like Amazon, Walfart and other HUGE power hungry massive jag offs eat the arms and legs off of anyone who dares challenge them. No care goes into the thought of their product. Then … we BUY this stuff…. Because it’s CHEAP. Never mind that the people employed to make it are suffering lifestyles of 18 hour days and sleeping in coffin like apartments, judged by peers through a video camera and if they do not obey every lock step account of their lives are put to death. All of this is real… it’s the energy we BUY when we shop at these billionaire owned places. All that money goes to them. They run the media, the movies we watch and seep into our very bones with medical care designed to make us even more dependent. And they scare us into doing the stupidest things while they laugh in the meetings they hold in secret.

So it’s here that we sit, yesterday they fooled us into wearing diapers on our faces that destroy our microbial make-up in our mouth. Dentists will make some bank. And in this act of sheer puppeteering of the masses, our immune systems will suffer. But not to worry- the jag offs have a plan. Get a shot that will not only render you barren to have children, it can destroy your immune system even more so that you become so dependent on the fake medications that they offer that you absolutely need these totalitarian freaks. They even have a system for designer babies lined up for purchase when there is a lack of those that can bear children because they will have taken away every freedom you have- including your reproductive ones. Our water is not polluted because we are lazy and throw trash in it… it’s polluted on purpose by the freaks. They want to own that right too. Watch how the stock numbers rise and where the largest purchases are and see the money trail for yourself. Most people with some grey matter can figure it out. What’s left… air? O they have a plan to own that too.

The most disturbing part of all of this, is seeing people fall into line with it. No one is refusing to shop at Amazon- while it eats away their income because Bezos jerk off stole every chance we had to make small business work in this country by kissing the butts of fellow politicians to make laws that would allow for this kind of power to reign. We all just hold up our little black boxes, and film our next purchase, praying to the popularity gods that we have enough followers to make some fake numbers system go up, so we can feed the big fat power pigs MORE.

WHAT in tarnation are we doing… to ourselves…. To our children and grandchildren? Will you be able to tell them that your shiny videos of your Amazon packages made a difference in their lives? Please someone out there tell me you see this and are not going to take it anymore. I refuse to shop at the big boys clubs. Right now I can afford thrift stores and that’s it, so at least I am giving some joy to the sweet volunteers that I meet there. If I need something, I will make it… from scratch if I can. Even the art stores like Michaels sell slave labor made items. It’s very hard to find the REAL stores… the manufacturing has been taken by these freaks and we need to take it back.

Our homes are filled with energy from these products- everything is energy…. Think about that while you talk to your google friend and ignore the real people walking by outside your phone screen. Until the next blog, I hope everyone’s new year is one of deeper thought, real inspiration. Let’s get back to creation and stop burying ourselves in death.

Much love- make it real. C.Black

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