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Updated: Dec 3, 2022


oil painting

My own version of an archangel, Tommy comes fully loaded with an arsenal of truth.

Tommy stands for Freedom.

Although she may look the part, she’s not here to fight against anything. She is here to take down some long-standing walls and set our voices free.

She’s a woman who’s been pushed aside for one too many round table discussions. The quiet mousy nerd girl in the back of the room who always listens with her face buried in her work but barely speaks a word.

Probably one of the most well rounded and intelligent of all, she saves all of her rounds of discussion, carefully cleaning and discerning the message until the day finally comes when Tommy can stand down no further.

Tommy is about standing up for ourselves and not letting the wolves take all the plunder. It is about coming to the front of the room with all our shells in place… firing off every last one and leaving the room in silence at the shear desecration of all that they had so falsely constructed in selfish intent.

Replacing the bullets are rounds of truth, the only thing powerful enough to take down the false veil surrounding daily life. By owning this Tommy, you are simply stating that your house will not be messed with. Your family is protected by an angel of truth.

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