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Size 48x24, Limited edition of 11. 


Each giclee ( highest quality inkjet print) is signed and numbered by the artist, Colleen Black.


Prints are made locally on Black Diamond Metallic Pearl Canvas, a very distinct and unique canvas that is coated with a pearlescent/metallic finish, giving these monkeys even more dimension.

The canvas is coated Gloss UV Varnish, one of the special touches that distinguishes highest quality canvas prints - setting them apart from most other printers. Using a state of the art spray booth of their own design, this Seattle based studio applies the coatings in consistent layers. Unlike other rolled-on coatings these spray coatings don’t have any streaking or uneven textures, creating an almost indistinguishable print of the original painting.

100th Monkey - limited edition prints

  • Canvas comes un-mounted (rolled). This saves on shipping and allows for more freedom when framing your print. 

Disclaimer: Due to the unique display capabilities of the screen of each device this website is viewed on, there might be discrepancies between the colors you see on the screen and the actual colors of the item displayed.

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