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60x40 oil painting


By bowing to understanding- meeting all conflict with truth, we can rise above our darkness.


Ascending is about rising above the darkness to gain full perspective. Truth sheds light on dark corners. She (representing any one of us) bows to an understanding of the "hidden" lies surrounding her without completely engulfing herself with the horrors bubbling to suffocate the light that seeks to expose all colors for what they are. Atrocities faced and especially those atrocities understood and put to proper perspective within a higher order of natural law, can transform darkness into a rainbow that human eyes have yet to see.

She has no intention of giving up or giving in, she simply listens in reverence hearing all the whispers through the dark cloud that swirls her into its melodic beat, weaving the tapestry of all time within the sacred corners of her mind to come to the most peaceful of all resolutions.



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