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Color Paint Palette

Colleen Black


Colleen is an artist truly driven by the freedom of the soul, embracing the drive to enrich our spirits to our highest potential. Her artwork is created with the intent to transfer the miraculous power of spiritual enlightenment and inner strength. Self-taught in sculpture, she has always been motivated by the fascinating complexity of the human form and the strength of the human spirit.

A world-renowned artist previously represented by various galleries throughout the United States as well as some that are in a very literal sense overseas, Colleen's work is now exclusively available online. In order to make art without the influence of sales enforcement and overbearing art handlers, Colleen now offers the personal customer service she's always dreamed of giving. Instead of dealing with agents, sales teams and unwarranted influence, you will deal with the artist herself.

Miss Black studied painting in Italy at The Florence School of Art, and gives great credit to her mentor Jack Richard, a very well-known portrait and landscape artist in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She's traveled the world selling her paintings, sculptures and designs with a wide range of noted commissions including a limited-edition sculpture and oil painting for Colin Powell as well as seven Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Colleen is also a published author. Her book, “Behind the Black”, written in the style of her art, is a passionate journey through the artist's mind. She is continuously working on paintings, design and sculpture to inspire the world surrounding them.

For more about Colleen and what is behind the art, please click the link below to read her book, "Behind the Black."

Holding a Paintbrush
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