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Protect yourself and your loved ones with a REAL life saving mask. The REAL virus by artist C. Black is a great way to awaken the general public at a glance. It depicts something we all recognize morphed into the reality it is. The iconic image of a virus is transformed into a swirling mass of media probes that are sucking the life and currency from it's onlookers. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci run through the giant bubble with masks in strange places to mock the very public that it sucks the life from. Weather engineering and 5G broadcasting towers assist in the giant plan, but never fear- Q is in there too. The details in the art say more than words can say, and could open conversation that saves lives.

THIS is the ONLY mask that works. 

.: 100% Polyester exterior
.: 100% Cotton interior
.: One size
.: Black outer edge and earloops

The REAL virus face mask

SKU: 16068678937998617431

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