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Act of valor

28 x 16 x 16 inches limited edition 14 -Sold out

This sculpture was originally sculpted for 7 Congressional Medal of Honor winners as well as General Colin Powell. Each act of valor is represented abstractly, forming the rocks and mud that make up the base. Several other acts of valor, making up between 50 and 100 “hidden” figures, are hidden in the trench as well. When I met these men that made these extreme decisions in life, their humble attitudes towards what they had done were none-the-less astonishing. Their courage behind that one millisecond of a decision to save the life of another and in some cases several others without concern for their own lives is what inspired the piece. The eagle is a representation of the freedom our soldiers fought for and the flight that carried them to war. Our fight for our freedom is a battle we fight every day, but a gift that we have the freedom to do so.

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