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"Be the change you want to see in the world"- Rex Bear

Last night I started painting my own sign for the rally in DC on January 6th. I listened to some very inspirational podcasts too. There are some incredibly amazing people in this world working very hard to bring all of us a taste of truth. The news and media that is spoon fed to us started to make very little sense to me years ago, so I set off onto my own path, and found a small group of creators that made perfect sense to me. It took some work. I checked their references for a while, because what they were saying was so far from what the drab and dull media was presenting. It seemed like a world of endless possibilities, filled with dimension and creative thought. The more I looked the more these creators made truth a real word to me. I started to realize that we are living in a construct of lies- put together by a small group of people that have only one directive. Power. Power never impressed me- it did the opposite and the more I experienced the more I saw right through it's ugly cloak of money mongering ghouls, they sought to destroy the creativity in people with manipulation, lies and over zealous control freak attitudes. This new world of creative truth seekers opened up the game of life and offered me the ride of a all rides. I could never get bored here because it opened my mind, not closed it, as main stream media is so apparently seeking to do. Simon Parkes, an ex politician and experiencer of many of the things is one of my favorites. Right now in the time we are in- people still tend to call research and certain experiences crazy. They break out their tin foil hats and make fun of what they call conspiracy "theories" because it's much easier to call names than to actually look into information that scares us. It's ok, foolish though, because many of the "theories" are bonified facts now. Lamestream media is on a mission to sell us down the river, so until they sink from lack of attention, smart people will just have to continue taking the bully sh**. While I painted last night, I listened to this incredibly powerful message: Into the light of 2021, clarity and hope.The message is exactly as the title says.

A bit of a while ago, I started writing out a plan, inspired by another favorite creator: Rex Bear, with his infamous saying on his you tube channel- Leak Project- to “Be the change we want to see in the world”. You see, we are in a construct that allows us to create our own realities. This has been proven to me so many times I could never imagine counting them. Serendipitous reactions to my very own thought pattern are just one of the many ways I see it. We all have this ability. So in this new year, especially now…it is imperative to dream our realities into something that we love. It seems to work in a way that if the rest of humanity is included harmonious to the songs of the creative nature of soul, the manifestation of the dream happens in lightning speed. When we can give the gift of this creative power to our family and friends through inclusion and freedom of possibility for them, the sky is not even the limit… it goes beyond that.

I met Rex Bear a few years ago at a convention in Yelm, WA. There were various speakers there. Rex was my favorite to listen to, so when I saw him dancing in his Zorg costume up by the stage while a magical band filled the air with otherworldly music, I wasted no time introducing myself. And I am so glad I did. Not only has he become a great friend, his inspiring messages continue to challenge my mind into a deeper frame of thought. Inside this depth- the oceans of dreams have been awakened and this world has become a giant playground- just waiting for the greatness of true creation without the restrictions of what we tend to look so heavily into. Imagining this world with total freedom has been a quest.

I know that I have tried to explain that art was never about the money or the fame. Thank goodness, because I would have quit a long time ago. It’s about the “ZONE”. I recently watched the movie- “Soul”- a recently released Disney film that explains where artists of all genres go when we really get deep into creating. We can get into this zone by doing so many things- Children get there just in the act of plying at times. The world around us disappears, and a new one opens where messages from higher beings can come through. Listening to this intuition, these angels or guides, whatever we choose to call them, we can get answers, see futures, analyze pain in a way that frees us from it, and become somewhat of a superhero within the constructs of this reality. When we bring it into this one, we are literally manifesting our own destinies.

I have been practicing this all my life- sometimes bumbling through to learn lessons made by making bad decisions and at other times creating what I can only call miracles. I wrote about some that happened to me in my book, “Behind the Black”. Now, a new book of life is out there for ALL of us, waiting to be written.

So it’s back to my makeshift easel that I will go, dreaming of that place- a studio where teaching and healing happens. Like the movie that I just saw- my dream consists of helping broken souls find their creative spark. I know this can help us all through this extraordinary time. I would like a place where sculpture, music, theatre and all forms of art and science can mesh, learning and gaining exponential inspiration from one another. All of us employed with the same common goal- to help humanity through this time and space into the higher dimensions where ALL dreams are possible.

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