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On the Capitols lawn, January the 6th

Today has been a rough one. After hearing news from many sources I had to sit back and take this time to write. I was at the rally in DC yesterday. I arrived about when the President was starting his speech on the lawn. I had hand painted my own sign. There was too much to say…and art has a forever presence. People remember art when it is created with passion and conviction. I have seen it myself, and feel it most certainly in original work by artists of all kinds. There is an energy that enters the work like a prayer. It looks like thousands of strands of color creating a whisping flame that is moving and reacting with people who interact with the art. Concerts, large gatherings of people, and church hymns bring me to tears because it happens like pictures entering my mind. It’s always been a bit embarrassing, because I get overwhelmed by the empathy. I hope someday it will be an easy thing for us all to recognize and work with. Right now, it’s hard to talk about without getting looks of confusion and even some pretty hurtful expressions of that confusion. Bravery is a beautiful frequency of color mixes that adds vibrance and determination to art too. I believe we all have this gift and can use it to our advantage if taken seriously.

Art starts with this vision. Glowing representations like thoughts in vivid colors, sometimes mute ones too. All of life interacts this way. Even unanimated objects like art, furniture, places… you name it. All things and some “things” we don’t see are reacting through this wavelength. At least that’s what I’m calling it. I believe Van Gogh saw it too. I see it so many things. Our energy as creators of all kinds- from the meals we serve to ourselves and others to the very lay lines that create a giant bubble like link on our planet. Our energy puts a glow on everything, some much brighter than others, some are do dark there seems to be more of a vortex of this energy. Certain colors of glow reach out to those who resonate.

When something is special, like yesterday, the fields of color are immense. The build up to the day was a mix of anticipation to see so many great people again and to paint something of a resonance that spoke the truth.

This was the second rally for support that I have ever been to, and both times I was in awe with how genuine and sweet the people were. I was asked by three separate groups if I was alone( I was) and all three offered to walk me to my car- 2 miles away from the lawn of the capitol building where we had all just gathered, rather peacefully I might add. What went on in other places seems very odd, I immediately wondered if we had been invaded. Turns out the ole intuition may be spot on. Two of my news sources said that Antifa had been instructed to dress up like Trump supporters and infiltrate to reek havoc.

I had posted those pictures in social media, not quite ready for the mean comments I was about to receive. Yesterday was hard enough to get through, with the news of so much flat out treasonous behavior being thrown in our faces as we all conversed on the Capitol’s lawn. Conversations were all very passionate- I talked to one woman who’d witnessed voter fraud in person. She had worked the polls for years and had witnessed what many were protesting. The refusal to let people watch over the counting, ballots that had different signatures being passed as well as ID’s having no matter in this election. All were changes made to THIS years election and had never been done before. Lot’s of people stopped and looked into the art finding the hidden words and meanings I carefully placed throughout the painting. Sparks of appreciation lit the air and sweet wishes came from everywhere. Such a loving and caring group, I can’t say enough. There was a level of understanding between us all, and we freely shared this information in every passing moment.

I had a few ask where the flusher was, most just said what we all felt. We were all so tired of the media backlashes and the lies being told to our friends and family, and we just wanted the truth to come out and for the criminal regime to be recognized and FLUSHED from power. There weren’t screaming riots and people throwing fits. Civilized humans of every race, creed and color were all there- wishing each other well and making heartfelt friendships.

It seems to me that this desire for division would be apparent to so many, but there are still a good portion of us who do not know the depth of deception that our time is experiencing. This has been a topic of conversation amongst writers and philosophers for centuries, and it seems surreal to be such a part of a history as now truly is.

Our true colors are being brought to the surface. The thoughts that once seemed so hidden are in front of the world in a stage setting like never before. Social media, handheld devices and other thought manipulators are barely left alone. Conversation has become a rare occurrence. To be in the midst of so much was simply amazing.

I will add more to this- I’d like to give an in depth look into the painting and have some video footage of me painting it. For now, I wish everyone lots of love through this time. There are those of us who are needed by loved ones when truth DOES hit the masses. This is a HUGE breach in trust, and we all must remember that creation is a beautiful rainbow of God’s colors- given to us as a gift in light of free will. Our choices and our hearts speak through a language felt by all. It is a time to shine our brightest, do our best work and put our hearts in order so that we may be a light in darkness to a path beyond oppression.

Freedom is worth it.

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