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Poker for Planets

24x36 oil painting

Alien life has always been a fascinating subject for me,and so to dive into this subject with the mind wide open was otherworldly to say the least. I set my headphones to listen to some of the great masters of the internet on the subject. Whistle blowers and experiences filled my mind, as the aliens themselves each took on personalities to fit the hand. I decided to pay homage to the people who work so hard to bring us truth. The Alien in the back is wearing a Leak Project hat, while playing with a deck of Third Phase of the Moon cards. There is a Project Camelot mug in front of the ET looking guy. Secure Team 10 also has a glass, and although Simon Parkes has no logo, I thought of him while painting the Mantis being. The card that ET and the amphibian are playing is the Trump card. ;-) If none of these people ring a bell, please look them up. I believe they deserve a place in history, so I gave them one from me personally.

The original was sold to my favorite alien expert.

Please visit Leak Project here -

for fascinating topics from out of this world! Rex Bear is both the proud owner of the "Poker for Planets" original painting and one heck of a great podcast host out to do great things for our planet and perhaps beyond...THANK YOU!!!

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