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Updated: Nov 29, 2022


oil painting

An angel for empathy, understanding and relief…and a reminder of the unseen help around us.

When I painted Uriel she was a non-stop painting. One of the times when I couldn't sleep for days and needed a model at 3 a.m.

When I finished her, I'd never heard of the name Uriel before to my knowledge, but the name spilled from my lips as I looked at the finished piece spread across my studio floor.


I knew she was a prayer ... possibly an Awakening. 9/11/2001 had just happened and our world was changed forever. Looking up Uriel in ancient text, I was surprised to find that she (he in the books) fits most all of the descriptions.

Uriel is a healer.

She takes on the pain of the world and holds a prayer and her heart knowing full well that this is the biggest of all Deeds she can do for humankind.

So much happens around each of us, life can seem helpless. Hoping for one ounce of hope... only to find the only hope you have is to hope for HOPE itself.

These can be moments of awakening and realizing of whole life.

There's a significance in the post that pierce's Uriel’s feet. It is the radio tower on the top of the Twin Towers. Although the painting is not centered on this event, more the aura of it... It was the most recent representation of what she wanted to say. In the blood dripping down the poster to drips from the shadow of what once was. I believe that this is an angels’ job; to take our pain and suffering and filter it through to allow for clarity to ring free from the shackles of our shortcomings. Theirs is true empathy. If there were ever a job description on Craig’s list for an angel, maybe it would read something like this:


WANTED: Heroes… must be willing to walk through walls of fire, withstand thundering tidal waves and endure the pain of defeat raining down from the Heavens in order to help even the smallest of beings, perhaps the slimiest, smelliest, and most loathsome of toads to Higher Ground.

All of this must be done without judgement. Only the purest of heart may apply, and only those with true team spirit will get the job. Willingness to follow Divine directions is an absolute must. This job pays the highest the heavens will allow… spirit filled empowerment.

Do not respond by email or phone. Simply apply within.


I believe we all have the ability to act as angels do. True Perfection does not lie in situation or circumstance. It is how we handle the outcome of these. The toughest job in life is to set up step up to the plate when our own plate seems full and we feel like there's nothing more to give. The irony in the situation is that this is exactly when our empathy can mean the most.

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